Market Research & Analysis

We provide a comprehensive market assessment including:
  • Market trends and forecasts
  • Target market segments
  • Potential customers and contacts in those segments
  • Your competitors, the vertical markets they are serving, geographic locations, market share, business model, and pricing (to extent available)  
  • Competitor's current market positioning and growth strategies
  • Certifications and/or clearances needed (if any), potential costs, and the expected timeframe to acquire t
  • Barriers to entry (other than certifications, if any)
  • Off-ramps – milestones, that if unmet, might signal a time to retreat

Cyber Services We Provide

Cyber BDA’s strength is in our understanding and knowledge of all things cyber as they pertain to the Federal Government market.  We help our commercial clients understand the government’s national to tactical cyber strategies that drive funding and acquisitions so they can position themselves to win.

Delivering even the most stellar products and services in the commercial marketplace does not guarantee success selling to the Federal government.  Established commercial cyber product and services companies require a distinct Federal government strategy and tactically aligned business development efforts over a sustained period of time.

Existing prime and sub government contractors work with us to help them establish or grow their cyber footprint with existing or targeted Federal agencies.
We also help emerging and disruptive cyber technology product and services companies maneuver through the complex Federal landscape and help them “quick-start” their business solutions for government.

Cyber Growth Strategy​

  • Assess your capabilities and competitive position in the Federal cyber marketplace

  • Work collaboratively with you to develop your strategic vision and goals for growth

  • Design a roadmap to help you reach those goals

  • Provide business development, capture and proposal support to help you achieve your goals.

  • Craft your value propositions and cyber messaging

  • Develop your Federal cyber brand, marketing collateral and build a roadmap for participation in a host of cyber activities

  • Provide analysis of potential cyber companies for acquisition tailored to meet your strategy (M&A analysis).

Cyber Business Development

Our services provide a full range of expertise to help our customers successfully capture Federal cyber business opportunities.
These services include:
  • Cyber pipeline qualification

  • Federal customer understanding and relationship building

  • Cyber technology assessments

  • Developing Federal cyber requirements and market shaping

  • Facilitating capture strategy sessions 

  • Capture and proposal planning,

  • management and participation

  • Prime and/or sub teaming strategy development and facilitation

  • Facilitate color team reviews

  • Price-to-Win data collection and analysis support

  • Competitor intelligence